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Quit the small talk and send thoughtful, meaningful messages. Busy lives, instant messaging and wide friend circles often lead us to reply just for the sake of responding. Instead, loop in 1 or more people for periodic updates on life, work, passions etc. Agree on your frequency and send entries, compiled together for all participants. Keep in touch or just track of things to discuss in person

Target Audience

Young adult, busy with life. Sends long messages to (distant/extended) family, with a lot of small talk messages to friends. Perfect for extended family, busy friends and remote teams

How do people solve this problem now?

Mainly social media, digital messages and infrequent emails / phone calls. With the first being easily missed with fast pacing and algorithm changes, the second tends to lead to quick replies when we have a second. With family, friends and collogues spread across so many different platforms, it’s hard to keep up. This idea is an addition to that quick and sometimes shallow interaction.

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