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DATASCROLLER: make dynamic numbers -


It works in the middle between a spreadsheet and a database, similarly to a spreadsheet is based on the columns and rows, but in a column all rows have same function. Similarly to a database can storage in a dataset numbers, currency or text strings. Columns can contain text, numbers, expressions or math operators. The last row displays the grand total, constantly automatically recalculated.

Target Audience

Datascroller in its most simplified version, is a utility that can be used by anyone who works with numbers From the core of the application more structured software can be developed for use by: - architects and engineers, cafe and restaurant manager

How do people solve this problem now?

Many people now using calculator or spreadsheets. Someone using database, or Architects and engineers: very expensive software dedicated to define bill of quantities. Cafe and restaurant manager: dedicated software, expensive and almost never user friendly. Brett Terpstra commented so: “I’m certain there's a group of users who would be very grateful for it, but I wouldn't know :) “

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