Experienced geeks will create your Startup MVP for FREE

In 2 weeks you could have the initial version of your startup and full code ownership, saving yourself $10,000 in development costs.


Do you have a great startup idea? Perhaps something that popped into your head while you were in the shower or just before falling asleep?

If your idea has potential but you don’t have the resources right now, this is your chance. A team of professional software engineers will take you from idea to marketable product for FREE.

About us

Let’s get acquainted. We are Oleg, Vadim, Anatolii, Aleks and Yan and we are geeks. We each have at least 10 years of professional experience in IT and experience of developing our own startups.

We are a solid team of engineers and have been working together to develop and launch startups for over 3 years.

Why are we doing it?

We’ve just launched a big project and have a time slot to work on something new and interesting.

We want to give something to the community and help budding entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs with promising ideas, great domain expertise and the guts to make it a success.

Challenge details

You need to:
- Describe your project idea to us
- Get your idea liked and shared as many times as possible to receive points

1 share = 1 point

We will choose our favourite idea from a shortlist of 10 entries then develop and launch the MVP within 2 weeks. We will sign an NDA and contract to protect your ownership

Take note that we specialise in web and mobile software development so ideas outside this will not be considered.

Application submission is over
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We also offer development services outside this competition.
Contact us to discuss your ideas and secure a time slot.