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All in one knowledge base for entrepreneurs to grow themselves and their business without reading blog after blog.


Greatnation magazine helps entrepreneurs and tech workers grow themselves and their businesses without reading blog after blog. All-in-one knowledge base for tools, growthhacks, stacks, templates and everything business.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Tech workers: Who wants to gain knowledge on everything health, wealth and wisdom. Small business owners, Tech workers: Who seek tools, templates, stacks, growthhacks.

How do people solve this problem now?

Entrepreneurs and Tech workers fall prey for the "inbound marketing" or content upgrades of the SaaS companies and they never get what they seek because there's always a catch or hook at the end. They get all these knowledge from hundreds of sites around the web. We intent to produce actionable guides for everything business and maintain forever updated contents Eg: "social media picture sizes".

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Experienced geeks will create 1 Startup MVP for FREE.
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