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Antsaction- Subscription Co-Op for Startups


A Co-Op or credit union requires it's members that operate on the principle of helping people. Antsaction will function as a platform for start-ups to be able to access finance for their monthly recurring subscriptions needed to run their businesses. This subscriptions are in the form of software, servers, hosting, cloud and much more. All money given is raised by the crowd of startups.

Target Audience

Initially the platforms main goal will be to help start-ups access quick finance for their monthly recurring subscriptions expenses.

How do people solve this problem now?

There is a wide variety of loan applications in the global market from lending club, branch international,Affirm and after pay. The most closest fit to Antsaction would be Brex Inc. Antsaction doesn't raise the funds rather uses the poeer of the crowd like a credit union/Co-Op to help start-ups financially.

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