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Azur Housing


An All-in-One property management application that looks out for both the homeowners and the letters. The system allows prospective tenants to find Azure approved homes (that satisfy our rental standards) and set up a tour online (like Zillow). What sets this apart will be the built-in contracts that can be issued by landlords, automated rent collection (by credit/debit card) among other features.

Target Audience

New, technologically savvy renters who prefer an easier, more streamlined way to an age-old problem, as well as busy property owners who don't have the time to spend attending to the tenants and their apartment.

How do people solve this problem now?

Zillow and Trulia are very popular rental solutions. However, they serve as classifieds of sorts for available properties, and nothing more. Our service aims to be an all in one property management system for the everyday homeowner, akin to the complex systems used by million dollar property management firms while being a bonafide hospitality system for apartments and their tenants.

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