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CatMapped: an online visual database of where cats live


Is there a mystery cat in your yard?Is it a stray or does it live around the corner?CatMapped allows caretakers to share and search cat information to return or find lost pets or identify those that need help.Simply search based on geolocation and visual description to find their home/owner info.Once a critical mass of user information is collected, there will be many opportunities to monetize.

Target Audience

Cat owners, caretakers and neighbors. This searchable database will catalog where these pets and strays live, including in homes or feral colonies. This will be the #1 resource for rescue and charity organizations dedicated to help pets in need.

How do people solve this problem now?

There are hundreds of websites and facebook groups that are used now that share pet information via bulletin board- like posts, but no central registry. There are a variety of microchip databases, but they are not synchronized and require a RFID reader. Too many pets go lost that could be easily returned and at-risk strays often are not identified and helped. CatMapped solves these problems.

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