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Document Template System


Ever had to automatically generate (beautiful) PDFs for offers/ receipts/ transcripts? The tradeoff today: Pixel-Perfect HTML or Office driven templates that can be changed by non-programmers. It is time to bring those together in an Document Template System offering a Web Application to design the documents and define variables and a programmable API to then automatically generate the document.

Target Audience

Developers and Web-First companies who want to decouple design from document generation.

How do people solve this problem now?

(1) Create a template using an HTML based templating language and generating an HTML document out of it, which is the converted to a PDF. If you want to change the template, you need to be familiar with (at least) HTML and CSS (2) Using a (MS) Word template that can be changed by people without knowledge of HTML or CSS and e.g. LibreOffice or Gotenberg to then convert if to PDF.

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