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EasyChoice - find your passion in life


Do you want that your work give your life meaning and purpose? Do you want to wake up in the morning and do not look forward for the end of working day? My project will help you to find the work that will give you inspiration and success. Pass the test which would single out your strong sides, have an appointment with our counselor and find your own pace in career

Target Audience

Students: who want to find their passion in life, the work that will make them overjoyed. Parents of students : people who want their children to be happy and successful in their future. Everyone who wants to find her/his profession

How do people solve this problem now?

In my country, there are different kind of webinars or lectures which tell them about professions. Various testes online which usually do not help or they are wrong. People enter the universities, changes numerous faculties, works and dream all their life to find their own pace.

What’s happening here?

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