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Eglaf - Express infinitely


Eglaf is a modernised social app that allows users the freedom to express and connect with like-minded people around the globe using a more targeted approach. Users create Session Chats based off Flavours: topics, trends, or ideas in which they then can send to their circle of friends and colleagues or post publicly to meet new and interesting users with similar interests.

Target Audience

Being an early idea, specific persona are not defined to keep an open scope of possibilities and use cases. But for an Mvp an apt researched market would be Europe and America to push with, and the target demography age group can be from 15 - 38year

How do people solve this problem now?

Many social apps today don't allow users complete control over when to connect which often leads to arbitrary conversations and trivial connections. Eglaf solves this problem by allowing users to set up a date and time on a specified topic of their choosing where interested users can join based off that time frame, thereby creating more meaningful connections.

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