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Exchange or donation of mobile traffic between Tele2 subscribers


Tele2 allows you to share mobile Internet between subscribers. The program links sponsors and beneficiaries. Through the messenger there is a registration of sponsors and beneficiaries. A bot is requesting traffic for charity. Then sends the number of the beneficiary to transfer the amount of traffic. Sponsor gets endorphins pleasure. Schoolboy - interenta and faith in the kindness of people :)

Target Audience

Subscribers who did not have enough "a couple of days" before updating the Internet package. Sponsors realize the need for altruism for free. Group in VK.сom gained 7 thousand subscribers in 3 months

How do people solve this problem now?

Now the subscriber publish requests in social networks. Tele2 advertises the service in social networks to an audience of several million people (Tele2 in the transition to new tariffs) Many people will be happy from mutual aid!

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