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Fashion - Follow your style


Fashion is an app built for users who want to discover and buy new outfits worn by people with the same measurements, morphology and lifestyle as them. All models of online shopping have perfect bodies, while most of the customers have unique measurements. With Fashion, customers can get an idea of how exactly a shirt will look on them, or clothes in general, without having to try them.

Target Audience

Users who want to have an idea about how an outfit will look on them without having to try the item and helping then taking great decisions about their style. Fashion brands can benefit from this to find models and pay royalties per every sold item.

How do people solve this problem now?

Some websites provide a very limited number of models with different body shapes, but even ten different models won't cover all the differences in all the customers (size pants, shirt, shoe size, hip, bra size, tattoo, hair, age, etc.). Some use recommendation algorithms, but this doesn't really working for fashion products without any user-related-data.

What’s happening here?

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