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LinkedIn for ARTISTS


Professional network + Marketplace for ARTISTS Problems: (1) Difficult to generate recurring revenue over the long term (2) Difficult to boost portfolio visibility Concept: Platform where artists can (i) Update their portfolio (pictures / videos) to promote their work (ii) Connect with other artists and potential clients (iii) Recommand and tag all the people who work with them

Target Audience

Artists: Photographers, Videographers, Fashion designers, Hair stylists, Makeup artists, Models, Fashion stylists (~10 millions) Clients: Fashion companies, agencies, studios and individuals Events: Weddings, Fashion shows, lookbooks and magazines

How do people solve this problem now?

(1) Agencies (high commission rates, weak bargaining power, very competitive) OR freelancer platform (lower commission rate than agencies ~20% but also lower workflow) (2) Creating your own website Wix, Wordpress etc. (expansive and time consuming) OR Social media (FB / Instagram - lack of professional focus) OR professional network (LinkedIn - lack of industry fit)

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