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Online destination to discover best under-the-radar artists (music, dance, viz, whatever)


An artists only version of Amazon meets Eventbrite supported by analytics proactively matching audiences. The artists get "product" pages but the purchase is tix. Users search by artist or event. Value to users: only artists-events on the site; screened for talent; all genres; performances in neighborhood spaces and free or affordable. Value to artists: build fan-base; analytic insights on fans

Target Audience

Artists: authentic, seriously talented, dedicated to their craft. Lack support & overwhelmed fending for themselves promo-wise. Users: love to go but search misses THESE artists w/out spending hours online; tix$+fees for famous acts r an obstacle

How do people solve this problem now?

Based on research: Users use 50+ sites and aps searching for something relevant, close by and affordable. Often give up. Artists put up sites but don't know how to drive traffic. Mostly turn to social media to build fan-base and promote events but results are not great for lack of marketing savvy.

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