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A web platform for recruiters, job-seekers, HR, interns, freelancers, Contractors etc, to solve every problem effectively. Its more than a LinkedIN, Indeed etc. It is a cooperative environment for people to not only connect but also supply to each other's professional and intellectual demands. Job recruitment or freelancing will have a common marketplace and the power of social media integrated.

Target Audience

Recruiters, HR, Job-seekers, interns, freelancers (technical and non-technical), contractors

How do people solve this problem now?

Recruiters today need to advertise the opportunity everywhere and they might not still find the right fit after rigorous ineffective processes investing huge sums in it. On the other hand, one dimensional view of skillset offered by the candidate is not enough to decide the right fit. The recruitment process today is tedious, ineffective and doesnt actually deliver the interest of both parties.

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