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Shared Lawn Mowing with Autonomous Lawn Mower


An autonomous lawn mower shared by multiple neighbors can help house owners with a lot of time and money. The marketplace will provide scheduling details, cost per use and an API to the autonomous lawn mower. The MVP will be a website or a phone app where house owners can sign-in/up, set date and time, set house No., and this information will be sent to the autonomous lawn mower as GPS coordinate

Target Audience

Target audience is eco friendly house owners that do not like the harm done by the lawn mowers and also people that see lawn mowing as a chore and do not like doing it but have to do it.

How do people solve this problem now?

People solve this problem by doing the lawn themselves, getting lawn mowed by a residential lawn service company or buy a robotic lawn mower (which is not autonomous) which needs installation and has higher cost of purchase

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