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Significant Others


Idea is to give channels of communication to young minds(YM) to connect with "significant individuals" (SI). A restricted, multimodal (video, letters, Q&As) social platform to bring together best of minds in all walks of life i.e. SI in this world to make a meaningful contribution to society. We as humans have prospered because we could actually transfer our learning to the next generation.

Target Audience

I see this work as a meaningful social network for young children (10-15 yrs). At the other end ask leaders from all walks of life to spend 30min/30 days to share with young children their experiences, lessons and inspire them.

How do people solve this problem now?

Through the institution of family and peer group which is reshaping very fast in today's world. Every child during his formative years has a need to connect and be inspired by others - mentors, leaders, professionals (SI). Aspiring young minds (YM) need the right kind of influence in their lives to shape them in stark contrast to todays social media which distracts them in meaningless pursuits.

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