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Social Sports Platform


Many of us likes to play sports out of pure passion and fun, but not doing it professionally. We'd love to blow off some steam. But sometimes, we need partners or a community to enjoy doing what we love. And finding the right crowd who shares the same passion can be tough. So this platform should make it easier for people to find others with same passion and organize games, and meet new people!

Target Audience

Sports enthusiasts. Amateur player. Casual sports player. Hobbyists.

How do people solve this problem now?

Nowadays, to organize a football game you need to gather up to 30 players, the referees, and to book the venue. And they have to find each one of them manually by contacting everyone involved and see if they're up for a game + have to check for venue and time that suited with everyone's schedule. It can be a really difficult process just to organize one friendly game.

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