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#FREEMVPChallenge : the escrow matching agent for making ideas happen as securely and efficiently as possible.


Tellalis mission is to enable businesses discover a broad range of experts in the making across 35 industry sectors. We: a. Match a customer simple request for possible contractors within 48 Hours. b. Produce an automate contracts template to secure deliverables, budgets and deadlines and I.P. protection of each project c. Secure customer-contractor transactions with escrow service payments

Target Audience

Tellalis has a B2B approach. It serves: a. Corporate companies in need to discover fast the relevant experts based on budget, ability and availability b. Supply Chain of Creative Production, i.e. Material Suppliers, Creative Makers, Craftsmen etc.

How do people solve this problem now?

Most of our industry competitors (banks, lawyers, agents) have not digitized these services and therefore waste a lot of time on paperwork. Most of our digital competitors ( upwork, behance, peopleperhour) have successfully digitized user-friendly platforms but in other industry sectors and also they do not accommodate supply chains. We aim to create on-stop solution for making projects happen.

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