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Transportation network company like under


I want to build a transportation company like uber but it will provides car on hire and taxi services for local, outstation and airport transfers with better trained staff , at lower costs , better convinence to customers ..but also aiming to improve environment by using CNG buses and eco friendly means to drive vehicle ...

Target Audience

My target audience is Government employees ,commuters , students , travellers , almost every person who travels from one place to another whether an employee , 1) businessman and women who travel frequently for business through airways or roadway..

How do people solve this problem now?

In my country this problem still need to be addressed at a large level ..people falls prey at the hands of taxi drivers who charges them at unreasonable rates ...they harassed commuters . Although there are some taxi agencies and companies But they are not up to the mark .. general masses still have to face.a lot of difficulty in travelling ...

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