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Uber for learning languages - connect those who want to learn new language(s) with those who know the language(s)


Let me explain this by a simple example. Let us say, Alex is planning to visit Bengaluru and is going to stay here for a few months on his company's assignment. He wants to learn Kannada, the local native language (speaking only) while he is here. He goes to Duolingo (there is no option to learn Kannada). He checks a few YouTube videos, and is disappointed. And, then Alex meets me!

Target Audience

Anybody who wants to learn (speaking only) a language or two around the world, anywhere, any language!

How do people solve this problem now?

Currently, there is no structured way to learn a new language. There is Duolingo. But, it doesn't serve the purpose because it sounds too academic. Here, I am trying to solve the problem of speaking only. Often, people who want to learn a language are those who want to just learn how to speak a new language (no alphabet, reading, writing, etc.). So, create a marketplace for both!

What’s happening here?

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