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Youtube learning overlay


A seamless way to curate the content you watched and found useful and then see and interact with all of it on a single page at a glance and add notes. I should be able to - 1. Go through my history and select videos to move into a topic (playlist) 2. See these videos laid out in a compact view (small thumbnail and text) and add notes 3. Share this page and allow people to comment on it

Target Audience

People who consume Youtube for exploring interesting ideas or focussed learning of specific topics and keep track of the useful moments that contribute their understanding of a topic.

How do people solve this problem now?

This is partly solved by sorting videos into playlists or simply “liking” them. But there is no way to glance at all the content that contributed to your understanding of a topic on a single “view” (page) Taking notes separately (either on Evernote or on physical paper) also disconnects the nuggets of information from the place where the videos reside.

What’s happening here?

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