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en-MaaS is a 'smart' platform created for connecting people-to-human & automated mentor-based services. How might we... - enable people to find more experienced people in their career-related fields more quickly. So that we can… - assist them to successfully pair-up and provide them with an ongoing supported mentor/mentee services-based platform

Target Audience

* People needing mentorship and advice to assist their personal and professional career development. * People seeking to be 'guides' (mentors) for others - in their organisations as well as external to their own career paths.

How do people solve this problem now?

Today, there are many platforms striving for the same purpose – to engage and sign-up users. However, there are few that make a difference to 'really' connecting people to give & receive advice. Getting mentored in your current job may be easy enough when you’re surrounded by people working in the same field, but it’s difficult if you haven’t found anyone or if you’re about to change your career

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