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Adblocker for charities


People hate ads, specially when it comes from bad advertisers, and adblockers are growing well. But instead of blocking ads, it would be could to have an adblocker that will replace the ads of the advertisers by the message of charities. Basically, charities will submit to our program, and they will get a ton of visibility thanks to our adblocker that will display their message.

Target Audience

It's a kind of marketplace : - on one side : users of adblockers, who wants to contribute to charities - on the other side : charities, who need to get visibility but have difficulties to promote their cause without spending money.

How do people solve this problem now?

Nowadays people are using adblockers without any other purpose than their interests. On the other side, charities need to raise money to promote their cause, and are spending money on Google Ads or Facebook ads.

What’s happening here?

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