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App to find people nearby to have lunch with


This app would let people set how much time they have, their preferred restaurants/meetup places, and if they’re looking to meet professionals in the area or make new friends. I work in an office and often wish I could use my lunch hour to meet people that work nearby, meet people with similar interests, or do some professional networking or meet business partners. LinkedIn + Tinder + Lunch

Target Audience

Professionals looking to meet investors or other people with similar careers, people looking to make new friends, people looking to try new restaurants and meet new people.

How do people solve this problem now?

If I had to guess I’d say that people probably message people on LinkedIn and try to set up meetings. This app would make it super easy. You would say when you’re taking your lunch break and it would try to connect you to people that are also free around that same time and have similar interests or jobs.

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