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Bidding platform for exclusive releases of goods and services


HYP is the first bidding platform for releases. We partner with brands to release goods only available through HYP. By letting the market dictate true value of a good at the first point of sale and by inserting traits of the secondary resale market into the first point of sale, we allow brands to capture additional profits, exposure, and demand at the first point of sale.

Target Audience

Ages 18-30 with high disposable income, active on social media. Lives a high profile and exclusive lifestyle ex. rappers, athletes, influencers, artists, insanely rich Instagram-famous kids, etc. The bidders' usernames will be linked to IG accounts.

How do people solve this problem now?

There's no way to guarantee a purchase of a highly desired good at the first point of sale. No matter how much money you have, you cannot guarantee your purchase on the day of the release, directly from Supreme - for example. There's currently no platform doing bidding at the first point of sale (point of release and retail). People now go to the aftermarket and risk replicas, scammers, etc.

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