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Marketplace where everything is free


You post a product, which generates traffic (people wanting stuff for free) and therefore money in ads. You get in-app currency for posting, which gets you part of the revenue generated, and you can spend it in selected NGO programs. So, basically, you help others giving stuff away for free, build a sustainable world and help an NGO. Companies can post sponsored listings, donating articles.

Target Audience

Audience which is not interested in selling stuff for just a few dollars, but would be interested in donating it for a good cause (therefore, high income). The interesting part is the posters.

How do people solve this problem now?

There is a lack in the market for this specific audience and their needs. Every high income person who can't be bothered to sell something for 10$, is encouraged by the good cause behind the action and the possibility of recycling and making the world a better place. There is a karma system in the app, so people don't go crazy asking for stuff or hack the system. It is a nice circle :)

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