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Clima-controlled Food Delivery Locker for Businesses/Buildings/Offices/Coworking spaces


Imagine amazon locker hubs but for food delivery. The business could vary depending on which partners are willing. The company itself could offer it as a food/health benefit. The property manager could install the lockers in the lobby as an amenity for tenants. Delivery companies could partner so that their delivery people don't every have to get lost, or wait for people to pick it up.

Target Audience

Employees of large corporations and businesses. Office workers who work in the same building, ordering from the same restaurants, using the same delivery services.

How do people solve this problem now?

They wait for their order to come and go downstairs to pick it up. They go to the restaurant and eat out. They organize within their company group lunches. They get the company to cater lunches. They pack lunch and store it in a fridge, then microwave it when ready to eat.

What’s happening here?

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