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Crowdleding wallet


There are tons of crowdlending platforms out there. What's the problem with that? None. But when you are an investor and you have accounts in 10 different places managing and tracking all them can be a pain. I would love to build a product so you can get the most famous platforms into one place and manage all of them from it.

Target Audience

Mainly crowdlending investors. But people without or without too much knowledge in investing could be potential users if usability is good enough to make them try.

How do people solve this problem now?

Now every time you want to check your investments you have to go through all the different platforms. Login in, login out, going from different dashboards, to different data which on the background is all the same and what you need to know and understand is common in all of them. That can be confusing, tiring and frustrating sometimes if you are investing in many platforms. Thank you!!!

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