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GiftSharer: Enabling people to make donating to charity an integral part of celebrating a special occasion

Description aims to help raise much needed money for charities, where a person celebrating a special occasion can split money received between themselves and a charity of their choice. GiftSharer gives charities and other fund raising organisations the tools to financially benefit from what will become second nature, guilt-free giving to people world-wide. Quickly, simply and efficiently.

Target Audience

Anyone who is celebrating an event, whether that's a birthday, wedding, retirement, graduation... Anyone interested in guilt-free giving.

How do people solve this problem now?

Giving people money as a gift shouldn't feel awkward and nobody likes choosing a present you're not sure your friend or loved one would want. Charitable donations are on the decrease and their membership databases have suffered due to the recent GDPR ruling. GiftSharer solves a lot of issues with just one product and will make a positive change in our society, simply and effectively.

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