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Marketplace for Senior Developers, Senior Designers, Senior Product managers


Employers can hire senior freelancers under the three categories. Freelancers can create a profile which will be shown to employers after they select the freelancer they want to hire. Freelancers are screened by us and payment is handled on the platform. Contracts are signed between the two parties before work is started. Employers can hire a cross-functional team to work on a project.

Target Audience

Senior Developers, Senior Designers, Senior Product managers of companies. Governement Agencies, Mid level companies, Big companies, Startups

How do people solve this problem now?

Employers hire from sites like Fiverr,, and others which does not guarantee excellent work to the employer. Employers have to hire freelancers separately to work on one project at a time. There's always delay in the project delivery. The user experience of the freelance sites for freelancer(s) management and employer and freelancer customization is poor

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