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One stop solution for all the industrial sourcing needs ranging from human resources to vendors.


A missing link, which will make the industries to get connected with the relevant industries and people that can be their potential suppliers, potential customers, and potential employees. This is going to be a business intelligence system for the industries to carry out their day-to-day activities in the departments of purchase (sourcing), sales/marketing, and Human Resources. First of its kind!

Target Audience

Industrial sourcing professionals: To get connected with potential suppliers Industrial sales/marketing professionals: To get connected with the potential customers Industrial HR professionals: To get connected with the potential employees Job seeker

How do people solve this problem now?

Industries, since their inception, have been practicing the same old methods in the departments of sourcing, and sales/marketing. Despite the advancement of information technology, industries still practice century old methods plus google and digital yellow pages. On the other hand, professionals are finding it tough to get themselves the jobs that they love.

What’s happening here?

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