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Water for Venezuelans


WFV will be an organization in the city of Cali Colombia which will provide venezuelas immigrants walkers with at least a bottle to help them continue with their long walk towards their destination. Each bottle will be coded so that Venezuelan citizens can say "thank you" to whomever donates 1 dollar for a bottle of water to people crossing the Cauca Valley in Colombia

Target Audience

People from developed countries whom understand the critical situation that Venezuelan citizens are living by immigrating to and through other countries to achieve a better life.

How do people solve this problem now?

Today there is no organization who help Venezuelan walkers on the road to Colombian cities or other cities in South and Central America. What I know for my experience driving the roads of Cauca Valley is that hundreds (if not thousands) of Venezuelan men, women and children walk through high temperature highways and roads, looking for more opportunities to live a descent life

What’s happening here?

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