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Recommendation & Referral Platform for Hotels.


A simple, intuitive platform to turn Hotel Guests & Partners into Advocates with a unique referral programs. Guests can refer friends and earn freebies, stay discounts & cash rewards. It should have an option that rewards both participants (referrer and referrer) when a referral happens. Hotels can also recommend guests to nearby activities, transfers & restaurants & earn extra income.

Target Audience

Small & Medium-sized Independent Hotels looking to build loyalty & reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

How do people solve this problem now?

There isn't a specialized referral solution for hotels, so hoteliers have to use the general referral softwares like (Growsurf & Referralcandy) which are a bit complicated, not customized hotels and costly for small brands.This is despite the fact that Big Travel Brands like Airbnb & are built on the simple concept of referrals.

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