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iGotNext - Real Time Party Matching for Gamers


Gamers love to play, and they love to meet new, like-minded friends along the way. iGotNext is a simple platform that lets Gamers connect and play their favorite game together. Our MVP would focus on one single game that’s wildly popular: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. This is not a social network, but a simple, real-time directory of active players, ready to party up. We have...

Target Audience

(... Continued, sorry!) designed a UI sample for you, as well as an in-depth use case - Please check it out! Our target audience is gamers, especially those that enjoy a challenge and meeting new friends. Ages 16-35.

How do people solve this problem now?

Back during the glory days of the local arcade all you had to do was show up, place your quarter on the cabinet, and exclaim "I got next!". Today, automated matchmaking has turned gaming into a randomized mess of uneven match-ups and single-use friends. The only alternative ways to find regular gaming buddies are Subreddits, Discord Chats, and your younger siblings if you’re really desperate.

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