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Recommendation of food base on your time, location, and preference.


Simple yet the million dollar question we face every day is "What should we eat?". This gets harder to answer when you are hungry because they say a hungry man is an angry man. It is not that there is enough information out there but the problem is information overload. So we want to give you the only information you need - the best food you can get the fastest at the nearest location.

Target Audience

Hungry People - The hungrier you are, the harder it is to decide what to eat. Everyday people - Everyone needs to eat without the hassle of deciding what to eat when they want to eat it.

How do people solve this problem now?

Normally what people do now is that they would go into directories or Yelp or etc to check out restaurants or possible menu items but there are a few problems with this method. Firstly, there is extremely more information than necessary and it is very confusing. Secondly, there is no guarantee that the choice you made will be a good one. And many more... That's where we come in!!

What’s happening here?

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