Ideas from all over the world

Thank you all for joining the challenge and sharing your great ideas with us ❤

Every submitted idea is awesome and worth being developed. Now we have to choose only 1 and it will be a hard choice for us.
Could we’ve expected so many people to participate? Not really. But we appreciate every single idea and all the warm words that you wrote to us.

It was a crazy week, full of interesting reading and unexpected events. And yes, there were some troubles. During all week we tried to figure out how to make the counting process accurate. Especially annoying for us were Facebook shares. Different plugins provided different results. We wrote to their providers, tried to find new ways to solve the issue, spent hours discussing it, but nothing helped. That’s why we had to collect Facebook data manually, as we wanted to keep the counting process truthful and fair.

Nevertheless, the challenge results are stunning! Just check out all these numbers: 

The Power of Challenge

We managed to spread the information around the world and make a lot of people involved. It was a pleasant surprise to see these statistic numbers so we can’t stand sharing it with you. During the week there were about 6k visitors on and they all were from different countries. The highest density of people interested in joining the challenge was in the USA. Altogether they conducted 8+k sessions with the average time of the session 3.19 minutes.


The source of our traffic was powerful. After submitting MVP Challenge to Product Hunt, the popularity began to grow. A lot of people became interested in details and eager to join. As usual, there were some skeptics, but we tried to answer all the questions and explain all the details of the challenge flow. Maybe due to our transparency and frankness, we got 425 Upvotes and #3 Product of the Day.

There were absolutely different ideas submitted. Some of them were a little funny, some kind and charitable, some with the aim to make peoples life easier. We used one tool to decide which ideas were worth implementation. This tool was peoples shares. Many people joined the challenge and shared liked ideas. Some wanted to help friends/relatives, others just supported the idea. Altogether we have more than 1k of shares!

We had a great time and now are eager to start working on creating something new and beautiful. To be honest, we have no idea what to choose. It seems so hard to decide.
Anyway, can’t wait to work with one of you!

We’ll be writing about all the updates and development process, so you can track our activity and eventually check out the result ?



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