MVP Challenge Result

The 2 weeks are up and our team is happy to present a brand new Android app. IGotNext is a real-time, social, party-matching app for gamers. The app connects strangers together to play the games they love.
The registration process is simple; just choose a username and password, enter your Nintendo and Discord IDs, then you are ready to go.


Our team are avid gamers so we understand how important it is to have a good range of games to choose from. That’s why we created a lobby where you can easily choose from a wide selection of games. Once you’ve chosen your game, you are directed to the home screen. Here you will find a list of active gamers and our implemented filter sorts them based on skill level. Now you simply choose a suitable partner and invite them to join you.


Once we have finished the development, we will work together with Glitch Creative Labs to add further commercial features and take this project beyond the MVP stage.
The app is currently undergoing internal testing and will be launched on ProductHunt and the public marketplace in 1 week.
But if you can’t wait that long, don’t worry, because you can test the app right now! Just leave us your email and we will send you an invitation.

In the future, we plan to launch the app on IOS as well as Android; that’s why we chose cross-platform mobile development. It allows us to build for more than one platform using the same code base; React Native.


Anatolii – converting PSD layouts to actual app screens
Vadim –  the backend, server-side part of push notifications and sockets
Oleksii – mobile app functionality
Oleg –  architecture decisions, solving ongoing issues and managing communication with Devon & Glitch Creative labs team, publishing the app.


  • June 20-23
    Our team built a proof of concept of the app with real-time updates via sockets and push notifications. As soon as it was ready, we showed it to Devon and the team. Guys were excited about the result. Their enthusiasm caused a stir among our team members and motivated for further achievements. 
  • June 24
    I launched the app to internal testing in Google Play Console. We also worked on implementing new features and new screens. 
  • June 25
    After a short call with Devon, we decided to make changes to the filter. It made sense to remove age and location filter in favor of game lobby. 
  • June 25 – July 4
    Time for testing and bug fixing. We also received new cool icons from Glitch Creative Labs and integrated them. When everything was ready, we launched the app into the Play Market for internal using. 

Next steps

We’ve had great results working with Glitch Creative Labs before, so we were very pleased that they decided to work with us on the commercial development of this app.

About us

We are a Ukraine-based startup development team and our previous projects include BeautyAdvisor, Raisal and ProcessBoard. When we have spare time between projects, we launch MVP challenges to keep our skills sharp and to network with people and companies around the world.

Advice for participants of the next MVP Challenge

  • Have a clear and detailed idea with a distinct action plan.
  • There is a 2-week development timeframe, so make sure your idea realistically fits into this.
  • Be ready to work on your idea. We can deal with the geeky, technical stuff but it’s your startup and it’s up to you to make it a success. Think carefully about what you might need to do to maintain your project and move it forward.
  • Put some effort into your proposal. If you can prepare some screens and mockups, we can make a lot more sense of your idea and it will give you an advantage in the competition. It’s always better to work with people who are devoted to their idea.
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Oleksandr Marchuk
Oleksandr Marchuk

Nice result! is it native app?

Oleg Kalyta

This is a React-Native app