And the winner is…

We spent many hours discussing every idea in the shortlist of 10 entries (just between us, we scrutinized first 20 ideas and couldn’t stop). And today is that special day ?

Finally, we came up with the decision and are pleased to announce that ✨ iGotNextReal Time Party Matching for Gamers ✨ is the winning idea of our MVP Challenge. Guys from Glitch Creative Labs captured our hearts with their serious approach to the challenge and funny and easy manner of its presentation. With a strong desire to win they created a UI sample for us. Moreover, for us to understand the idea better, they prepared a detailed use case.
It wasn’t the main reason for our choice, but it definitely impressed us.  

Now the competition part is over and we start creating the magic. There will be 2 weeks for planning, writing code, testing and communicating with these cool guys from Texas. After that, we will introduce our mutual creation to the world.

In addition, there is one guy worth special mentioning. The guy with Law Hub idea. The crazy part is that he got 576 retweets of it (at this moment). The number is mind-blowing. You ask, why he isn’t in the shortlist? I can say: he started to gain shares in Twitter when the voting period was over. We faced a deadlock situation. Obviously, people found his idea extremely important, but rules are rules. Even though we wrote them ourselves, we still had to stick to them. That’s why we decided not to add him in the shortlist with the hope it’s a fair decision.
Sincerely wishing you good luck with your idea and hope to see it implemented in the nearest future.

We also want to congratulate everyone who entered. We received many outstanding ideas. Our only regret is that there can only be one winner.

Hope you enjoyed the competition part the same as we did. Keep reading our journal to see all updates regarding the project development.

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